I. Features

Each Social Wave account recieves a unique phone number that can send and recieve text messages.  Your Social Wave number also allows subsribes to call back to recieve additional information, purchase items or direct callers to a phone tree.  We offer all the needs any business require to run effectively from conference calls, call queus, mass text/voice message and phone tree.  

Text to Join

Each Social Wave account allows subscribe to text a keyword (for example join) to be added to group subscribes.  This group can be divided by keywords to allow for demographic based marketing.  

Text to Poll

With a few clicks you can build a poll using any Keyword in your Social Wave account. Customize your poll with options like multiple-votes-per-voter, opt-in Keyword response, result delivery, and more.

Realtime Poll Results

Watch poll results as subscribe text messages are received.  Result are seperated by keywords responds from subscribe.  Example question what's your favorite apple product?

II. Custom Voice Design work

Social Wave provide custom voice and text design work to meet your organization needs.  Our custom work is delivered usually within a month time frame and connected to your Social Wave account billing.  

Call Queues

Our built-in queues make it a breeze to manage and route large volumes of inbound phone calls. Place callers in a custom hold pattern as they wait for an agent. Get real-time stats on the number of calls per queue and wait times.

Create Conferences

Launch as many simultaneous conferences as you need and have up to 40 people in any one conference. Select a moderator, chose your hold music, and away you go.

III. Examples


SMS Marketing allows you to build loyalty, upsell your current customers and drive foot traffic on slow nights. Cold winter day? Offer a special on soup. Want to reward repeat customers? Allow them to text in to receive special deals.


The best relationships in retail are ones where you give back to your customers. Sending coupons, sneak preview sales, and exclusive offers directly to their cell phones is an inexpensive and trackable way to drive purchases!

Real Estate

In today's busy world, people want immediate gratification. Give house hunters instant access to property listings using Social Wave's keyword solution, and easily communicate with them to setup an appointment or request more information.

Small Businesses

New to mobile marketing? We've got the resources to help you get started. Social Wave was built for small businesses. Not only can you send out text message but also use your phone number to recieve phone calls.